International Festival of Performance Art in Martinique - FIAP

First edition of the international festival
of performance art in Martinique

From April 17-23, 2017 in Fort-de-France at the Imperatrice hotel


International Festival of Performance Art in Martinique


The first edition of the International of Performance Art (F.I.A.P) will be hosted in Martinique from April 17 to 23, 2017, at the Imperatrice Hotel a landmark property in downtown Fort-de-France. This festival organized by Annabel Guérédrat from Artincidence will gather local artists from Martinique such as Robert Charlotte, Gwaladys Gambie, Henri Tauliaut and Annabel Guérédrat herself and also international performers such as Ian Deleon (Cuban/Brazilian), Jeannette Ehlers (Denmark) and from USA Ayana Evans,Tiff Robinette aka Agrofemme, Nguyen Smith, Jill McDermid & Erick Hokanson.

The aim of this festival is to create exchanges and stimulate the networking and new-collaboration between local and international artists. “Martinique arts scene is truly vibrant and unique! Besides its wonderful sceneries and nature adventures, discovering the Island though its arts and its artists is another way to experience the island’s creativity” Said Muriel Wiltord, Director Americas of the Martinique Promotion Bureau.

The event will give more insight about performance Art and its history in Europe, United States, South America and the Caribbean. Videos movies and live performances will also be showcased throughout the agenda of the Festival.

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