Patrick Baucelin, author, producer and director from Martinique will receive the Award of Honor as recognition of his work during the Caribbean Week.

During the Caribbean Week organized in New York by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), Patrick Baucelin, author, producer and director from Martinique will receive on Thursday, June 8, 2017 the “Lifetime achievement award” in recognition of his work documenting the Caribbean culture through the years.

Born in Fort-de-France, Patrick Baucelin is part of an exclusive club of film directors from the Caribbean, known not only in this region but internationally as well. With movies such as The cities of the CaribbeanThe Secrets of Caribbean Fortresses and The Traditional dress: from slavery to « Grand Robes », the director has been honored several times at international film festivals. His last movie documentary, At the time of sugar island  has garnered six awards in New York, Houston and Hollywood for instance. His most recent award, “Prix de l’Association Nord-Sud Développement” was given during the 14th edition of the Festival International du Film PANAFRICAIN (FIFP) in Cannes, this past April.

In his work, Patrick Baucelin showcases the beauty of the Caribbean, highlights its vibrant culture through the prism of its history, while always keeping in mind his native Island Martinique. “Martinique is a land of rich culture and history, and Patrick Baucelin knows how to bring it to life on the screen.” said Muriel Wiltord, Director Americas of the Martinique Promotion Bureau. “The colonial past marked by the scars of slavery, our French culture mixed with our African DNA giving birth to our Creole identity, are the essence of his work.”

This lifetime achievement award presented to Patrick Baucelin by the Caribbean Tourism Organization during Caribbean Week 2017, is in recognition of his dedication and talent throughout the years and also a tribute to the Caribbean legacy.