Voulez-vous faire un geste pour la planète ?


Lapdate is an online booking platform that aims to be the most reliable, intuitive and quickest by highlighting the best service providers across the Caribbean, providing visibility without borders.

This website was created in September 2018 and continues to evolve.
Indeed, lapdate is setting up a wide choice of bookings that concentrates restaurants, land activities ( hotels, hikes, visits...) ; nautical ( canoe rentals, paddles...) but also air ( aircraft...) without forgetting the new category "event" which aims to highlight various socio-cultural activities.

Lapdate has become one of Martinique's leading booking sites since its launch, thanks to its extensive catalogue and user-friendly interface. Lapdate is revolutionising the booking process, bringing a fresh approach to the world of accommodation. The Material Design, vertical scrolling and colourful photos and videos of our partners give the site a warm and inviting feel, making it a must-have for current and future development in the Caribbean.

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