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The waterfalls of Martinique

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Get away from the paradisiacal beaches for a moment and venture into a completely different setting to discover our fascinating waterfalls. Powerful and wild, symbols of unspoilt beauty, Martinique's waterfalls are an invitation to wonder.
Explore them and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the spectacle.

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Martinique's wonders

  • The Anse Couleuvre waterfall (Le Prêcheur)

After a short hour's walk through the heart of the rainforest, you'll reach a magnificent 120-metre-high waterfall. Take time to observe the incredible vegetation around you, populated by numerous animal species. The pool is small and shallow, but the setting is incredibly rejuvenating. You're sure to fall in love.


  • Le Saut du Gendarme (Fond Saint Denis)

Very easy to get to, even with children, this is undoubtedly one of Martinique's most popular waterfalls. Simply descend a few steps and cross a bridge to reach the picnic area. Ideal for a family outing. If you're in the area, don't hesitate to stop and appreciate this ten-metre waterfall.


  • Les Gorges de l'Alma (Fond Saint Denis)

It takes around 1h30 to walk to the first waterfalls, which you can cross with the help of ropes. Seasoned hikers only, prepare to plunge into one of the wildest parts of the island. Warning: the further you go, the more complicated things get! The passages narrow and the vegetation-covered walls are extremely slippery. Canyoning is a perfect option for discovering this site of exceptional beauty, and we strongly advise you to use a guide to make the crossing.

  • A natural slide in Carbet

After about a 45-minute walk along a path, you'll have the pleasure of discovering this magnificent waterfall, which flows into a clear-water basin. The toboggan du Carbet, as its name suggests, will offer you a unique swimming experience.

Ready to dive? - Ready to dive? 

Ready to dive? - Ready to dive? 

Good to know

If you're interested in Martinique's waterfalls, you'll probably have heard of the Cascades Didier or Absalon. Although they are regularly visited, you should know that access to these waterfalls is forbidden. In fact, they are water catchment areas. To preserve the quality of Martinique's drinking water, it is important to respect this ban.

Move on to the sensations

Canyoning: another way to discover our waterfalls!

A must-do activity for thrill-seekers, canyoning lets you discover the Flower Island and its waterfalls in an original way! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, dare to be adventurous! Discover Martinique's many canyons
. Supervised by a team of passionate professionals, come and enjoy a unique experience!
Rappels, slides, jumps, toboggans... Come and challenge yourself and have fun, with family or friends, for unforgettable moments.

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Waterfalls and their astonishing fauna

Martinique's waterfalls are home to an incredible diversity of animal species. Take the time to observe all these fascinating creatures: birds in search of fresh air, lizards basking on sun-drenched rocks, freshwater fish and crabs cruising in natural pools and hiding among the pebbles. Generally less popular, mygales and snakes are also part of the scenery. Essential to the local ecosystem, these species must be preserved at all costs: observe them from a distance!

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Check the weather conditions

Heavy rains can increase the flow of water in the cascades, making the trails slippery and therefore dangerous.

Wear appropriate clothing

Nonslip hiking boots, a bathing suit if you plan to swim, a hat and sunscreen are strongly recommended.

Bring water and snacks

Pack enough drinking water to stay hydrated during your ride, as well as snacks to recharge your batteries.

Respect safety rules

Do not enter prohibited areas and respect the indications of road signs.

Keep an eye on the kids

If you're traveling with the family, always keep a close eye on your children, especially around waterfalls, where water currents can be strong.

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