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Land of Rum

Rum, a true emblem of Martinican savoir-Ffaire

fut de rhum

Exceptional flavors

Martinique rum is a marvelous discovery for all spirits lovers. This subtle drink has unique characteristics of flavor that set it apart from other rums around the world. Believe us, in Martinique, we make rum like no other.

A Great Island Drink

Premium quality rums known the world over

So what explains that ours are the best rums in the world?

Firstly, Martinique rum is made from fresh-pressed sugarcane, unlike other rums which use molasses (the residue from the sugar production process). The method used to make Martinique rum guarantees superior quality. The cane is grown on mineral-rich volcanic soil, giving a unique taste and incomparable quality to the rum.

Martinique rum is also column distilled, a technique that preserves the product’s rich aromas. This method produces lighter, more fragrant rums than traditionally distilled rums.

Finally, there is the aging process, which is crucial in the production of Martinique rum. The rums are aged in French oak barrels, giving them aromas of vanilla, coconut and dried fruits. The most prestigious rums are often aged for several years, or even decades, to achieve unparalleled aromatic complexity and roundness.

Thanks to the development of this rare savoir-faire, some 15 different professions related to rum-making still exist today, combining technology, tradition and the transfer of knowledge. All of this ensures that the rums of Martinique taste exceptionally good. By the way, isn’t it time for a little drink?

photo verre de dégustation de rhum verre de rhum the explorer
rhum martinique
fut de rhum

 It’s Rum O’Clock

Taste the history of Martinique rum at our distilleries

Martinique rum is rooted in the culture and traditions of the island. It is a true symbol of local craftsmanship and savoir-faire. By visiting the island’s rum distilleries, you’ll discover the secrets behind the production of Martinique’s rums while sampling a taste of local culture. Each has its own well-kept secrets and offers a different and exclusive visitor experience.

Visit the distilleries
habitation clement
degustation rhum

Cheers ! - Lasanté -  

Cheers ! - Lasanté -  

Habitation clement

Highly controlled origin

Martinique rum, an iconic product protected by an AOC

Obtaining the AOC label of origin or Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée as it is known in French, was a long and essential process to protect and promote Martinique’s emblematic drink. Today, Martinique’s rums enjoy worldwide recognition and are appreciated for their quality, finesse and authenticity.

The history of AOC Martinique rum began in the 1970s when Martinique rum producers realized the need to protect their treasure. At the time, rum produced in other countries was often sold under the name “rhum de Martinique”, undermining the quality and reputation of genuine Martinique rum.

rhum martiniquais
Rhum Habitation Clement Rhum Habitation Clement

A unique

It wasn’t until 1984 and the creation of the Institut National des Appellations d’Origine (INAO) that quality food products were given a protected status. In 1994, Martinique’s rum producers applied for AOC status, claiming recognition for the specificity of the sugarcane used, the production method and the typicality of the rums.

After several years of procedures, Martinique’s rums were finally awarded their AOC in 1996.
Hurray! This official recognition enables producers to protect the status of Martinique rum, guaranteeing quality and authenticity. This unique spirit is now recognized the world over as an exceptional product, reflecting the richness and diversity of Martinique’s culture. Martinique’s AOC Rum Agricole undergoes drastic controls, from the cane fields to the glass.

Distillerie Depaz

Find Your Favourite

Different types of Martinique rum

Martinique rums offer a great diversity of flavors and styles, depending on the type of rum and how long it has been aged. Whatever your preferences, you’re sure to find a favorite Martinique rum, one that you find delicious. So raise your glass and savor the complexity and authentic character of Martinique’s rums. Cheers!
rhum blanc la favorite

White rum

White rhum is the most well-known and widely drunk type of rum in Martinique. It is ideal for cocktails or the traditional Martinican drink Ti-punch. Want the recipe?


Rhum vieux HSE

Old rum

Old rum (rhum vieux) is another type, which is aged in French oak barrels for several years. It comes in different ranges, according to how long it has been aged – there’s three-year old rum, five-year old rum, seven-year old rum, twelve-year old rum and so on. The longer a rum is aged, the more complex and better it becomes

photo verre de dégustation de rhum verre de rhum the explorer

Rum agricole

Rum agricole, or agricultural rum, is the traditional rum of Martinique, and is considered one of the finest rums in the world. It is produced according to very strict rules, guaranteeing superior quality. Rum agricole also comes in different age ranges, from white rum to old rum.

Rhum Clément dégustation

Rhum de dégustation

Look out also for the “Rhum de dégustation” label which indicates a particularly exceptional rum.
These are produced in very small quantities and aged for many decades in French oak barrels.
This maturing process gives them distinctive aromatic complexity and roundness, which are much sought-after by connoisseurs. These rums are destined for the most discerning spirits lovers, who appreciate the subtlety and finesse of their aromas.

Facts and Figures

Annual Rum Production

Annual rum production in Martinique is close to 10 million liters.

Number of Distilleries

Martinique is home to some 15 or so distilleries, each producing its own brand of rum.

Research Central

Martinique has a technical center for cane and sugar known as the CTSC. This research organization works with the industry to select AOC cane varieties and develop techniques.

Rum Agricole

Martinique’s specialty, rum agricole, accounts for around 90% of the island’s rum production.


Martinique rum has had AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) status since 1996, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the product.


France, Europe, the United States and Canada are the main export markets for Martinique rum

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