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Hiking in Martinique

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All levels of

Martinique’s many facets and precious biodiversity make it a prime destination for hiking enthusiasts. From north to south and east to west, the island has countless trails for you to explore, covering all levels of ability. From short family walks in the forest to strenuous climbs of the island’s highest peaks, set off to explore a whole range of extraordinary landscapes.
You’ll just love experiencing our island’s spectacular nature on foot.

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The 7 Must-Do Hikes in

La Trace des

Get ready to explore Martinique’s south coast by following the trail of this legendary hike, which is also the longest on the island. From Petit Macabou to Anse Caritan, you'll discover incredible scenery and panoramic ocean views. While it is entirely possible to cover the 30 kilometers of this hike in one day (provided you set off early in the morning), most people opt to approach it in several stages, as it has four distinct sections.

Randonnée Trace des Caps

Le Morne Larcher
(Le Diamant) 

Start at the Anse Cafard parking lot and prepare to climb one of Martinique’s famous peaks. The walk itself takes around two hours and the trail is shaded, but be warned, it’s quite a climb, with over 400 meters of ascent and the same of descent. The reward at the summit is well worth the effort, though, with a breathtaking view of Diamond Rock and its bay.

morne larcher

Pitons du

Often hidden in the clouds, this chain of five peaks was formed by past volcanic activity on Martinique. Expect to hike at least 6 ½ hours on steep and sometimes slippery trails with particularly dense vegetation. Climbing the Pitons is only for the most experienced hikers who are in good physical condition and should always be done with a specialist climbing guide for the roped passages.

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Mount Pelée
(Saint Pierre)

Climbing our legendary volcano – and the island’s highest peak (1397 meters / 4580 feet) – is more than a simple hike, it’s a true experience. Choose from one of the three circuits that wind around the Mountain – L’Aileron, the Grand Savane trail or the Morne-Macouba trail via Grand Riviere – and prepare for a physical but accessible hike that offers breathtaking scenery on a clear day. We recommend setting off early in the morning, for a better chance of a clear sky at the top.

photo drone de la montagne pelée (Verrier) Montagne Pelée

Caravelle Peninsula

In this protected nature reserve home to numerous endemic species, you’ll discover  an incredible diversity of landscapes, ranging from dry forest – with its distinctive vegetation – to the mysterious mangrove forest and its fascinating ecosystem. Along the way, the secluded Baie du Trésor awaits you for a refreshing swim. Whether you choose the short or the long loop, remember that you will be walking in the sun all the way.

visuel drone de la presqu'île de la caravelle drone_caravelle_martinique

La Savane des Pétrifications
(Sainte Anne)

Starting from Anse à Prune beach, set off to discover some surprising desert scenery with arid, rocky soils. Walk among rocks that seem frozen in time and feel all the energy of this fascinating place. This magnificent hike is a unique experience in Martinique.

savane des petrifications

Grand Rivière
(Le Prêcheur)

Without doubt one of the island’s toughest hikes, through the immense forest on the northwest flank of Mount of Pelée. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll discover sumptuous scenery that changes over the course of the 16 kilometer trail. Please remember that this is a one-way hike, with no possibility of a loop. You should plan to leave a car at the finish or book a fishing boat to take you back to your starting point. Extreme caution is advised on this trail, as there is no telephone network along the entire route, so make sure you hike with an expert.

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So which hike will you pick first?

So which hike will you pick first?

How to hike

How can I prepare?

Keep an eye on the weather before and during your hike!

What should I take with me?

Make sure you are properly equipped. Walking gear (walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, etc.), water and snacks for energy are essential.

Can I hike alone?

If you are hiking alone, inform someone close to you of your route and your estimated time of return.

How can I hike responsibly?

To preserve the beauty of our precious environment, please take your waste away with you.

Where can I find more info?

For further information, contact the CRPM (Comité de la Randonnée Pédestre de Martinique).

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All the must-haves
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All the must-haves