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Underwater Magic: 
Diving in Martinique

Scuba diving in Martinique


The Ultimate Diving Island

Fans of diving, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience in the warm, crystal-clear waters of Martinique. We’ll take you to incredible dive sites to discover the magic of our underwater world.
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The 5 unmissable
dive sites

photo de la Anse Dufour et Noire en Martinique Martinique-Anse-Dufour-et-Noire

Anse Dufour, Paradise for Snorkeling Fans

Located on the west coast of the island, Anse Dufour is an absolute paradise for divers and an especially good spot for beginners. Its calm, translucent waters are home to a wide array of coral, sponges, starfish and tropical fish of all colors.

Anse Dufour is an essential scuba diving and snorkeling destination if swimming with turtles is your dream – you can observe them among the seagrass in the middle of the bay. The rocks on either side of the Anse, with their many species of tropical fish, ensure you another spectacle you will never forget.        

photo plongée martinique plongee_faune_martinique_2

The Wreck of the Nahoon, a Sensational Dive

Voluntarily sunk in 1994 to create an artificial reef, this majestic old three-masted sailing ship lies at a depth of 35 meters/115 feet, off Anses d’Arlet.

The Nahoon wreck is a very popular and easily accessible dive site. You can visit the ship’s deck, holds and cabins, which are still well-conserved and colonized by all sorts of coral, sponges and tropical fish.

Behind the helm, you’ll feel like an intrepid explorer. Keep your eyes peeled for the barracuda and moray eels that have made this site their playground. The beauty and silence of the place are just astounding.

plongée anses d'arlet

Rocher du Bourg, Anses d’Arlet

Just a few meters from the beach, this little rock sticking out above the sea, has some fabulous underwater surprises in store. Grab your fins, mask and tuba and set off to meet the multicolored tropical fish that like to play hide-and-seek here among the coral. The sight is simply incredible and is accessible to all without scuba equipment. You’ll be amazed for sure. 

rocher du diamant

Diamond Rock, a Legendary Scuba Diving Site

Situated off Martinique’s south coast, Le Rocher du Diamant, or Diamond Rock, is one of the island’s best-loved diving locations.

With its caves, its famous fault that cuts right through the rock, its play of light and thriving marine life, this rocky islet of volcanic origin has much to explore.

Experienced divers can explore the steep drop-offs and admire the schools of multi-colored fish that circle the rock.

Manman Dlo

Saint-Pierre Bay: A Dive into History

A diving exploration in the Bay of Saint Pierre is a journey back in time as you plunge into the history of Martinique’s worst disaster – the volcanic eruption of 1902. You’ll discover numerous wrecks of ships swallowed up by the depths, including that of the Roraima, lying at 60 meters/180 feet below the surface.

As you carefully penetrate the bowels of these former cargo vessels, you’ll be amazed to see how nature has reclaimed these relics, creating sumptuous underwater landscapes for visiting divers to see.
Saint Pierre is also home to some impressive underwater art, such as the famous Manman Dlo, a one-of-a-kind installation featuring an imposing sculpted mermaid who reigns over this site with its eerie and silent atmosphere. Diving in the Bay of Saint Pierre is an experience that is both poignant and spectacular. Further north, Le Rocher de la Perle (Pearl Rock) is a secret paradise for divers. This little frequented islet belongs to the Réserve Marine du Prêcheur, a marine nature reserve where the populations of rare birds offer an awe-inspiring sight. Underwater, you’ll be stunned by the shoals of kingfish, marlin, barracuda, jacks and more. 

Plongée corail

An Educational Underwater Trail

The Lakay underwater trail has the power like no other experience to raise awareness on the importance of protecting our ecosystem, no matter what your age.

In the small town of Anses d’Arlet, this stunning, educational trail in the heart of a 2,600 sqm site, is a great way for all the family to discover fish, coral and underwater species that are vital for the natural equilibrium of the island. 

It’s a new kind of snorkeling experience that is sure to leave you awestruck.

photo plongée martinique plongee_faune_martinique_3

A Trip to Cap Salomon

Cap Salomon is worth the detour, whether you plan to dive or hike.

Picture a superb reef composed of enormous rocks lying on top of one another. Rocks so huge that you feel tiny next to them. 

At the foot of Cap Salomon (20 m/65 ft), the inhabitants you’ll come across are just as surprising – stingrays, leopard rays and a large colony of large snappers are typically sighted here. 

20 thousand leagues under the sea - An lilet épi anlo bel koté -

20 thousand leagues under the sea - An lilet épi anlo bel koté -

Keep a Look Out Underwater

Sea Turtles and marine species 

When diving in Martinique, you’ll have the opportunity to come up close with the tremendous variety of animal and plant life that inhabits our waters. Sea turtles are some of the island’s most emblematic and most-loved underwater inhabitants and on the island we play an active role in protecting them.

The green turtle and hawksbill turtle are common species in Martinique and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot them on your diving trips.

If you’re lucky, you might also have the chance to see the majestic and mighty leatherback turtle. 

Always wanted to see a sea turtle with your own eyes? Then head to Anse Dufour and Anse Noir, on Martinique’s south Caribbean coast. Turtles can often be sighted there. 

Two other places worth trying if you want a glimpse of these adorable creatures are the waters of Anse Madame beach and Le Carbet on the Caribbean north coast.   

Plongée tortue de mer sous l'eau

Moments with Unique Marine Life

One thing is certain – swimming with turtles is a magical and privileged experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

You’ll also have the chance to encounter a host of fish with spectacular forms and colors, like parrotfish, angelfish, surgeonfish (yes, indeed!) and even seahorses which dance about the coral reefs and make a spellbinding sight. The diversity of tropical fish in Martinique is quite simply extraordinary.

Some less colorful but just as fascinating species that you’re likely to spot are moray eels – they are often hiding in rock cavities – and barracuda, which are formidable predators. And of course there are our magnificent lobsters which you’ll recognize from their long antennae and bright-colored shells.
The coral reefs of Martinique are also home to a stunning variety of corals – like gorgonian, sponge and hard corals – that contribute just as much to the richness and beauty of our marine ecosystem.

Take time to observe these fascinating species and appreciate the incredible diversity of our underwater environment. Every dive is a unique opportunity to explore Martinique’s natural ecosystem, with the promise of an enthralling time.   

photo faune maritime martinique plonge_faune_martinique
espèce sous marine martinique
Before diving

Who can dive?

To dive in Martinique, you must be a certified diver or supervised by a qualified professional.

Protecting the seabed

It is prohibited to touch or take away coral, marine animals or any other element of the underwater environment.

Treasures in delicate balance

Wrecks and other vulnerable dive sites must be explored with care to avoid damaging structures and disturbing the ecological equilibrium.

Respecting our beautiful nature

Food and waste must be correctly handled to avoid polluting the waters. 

Come Meet our Diving Clubs

Today, there are 33 professional diving clubs on the island to ensure you the very best Martinique diving experience. Most provide a range of services catering for divers of all levels, from beginner dives to advanced training courses.

These local providers offer professional expertise and high quality equipment to accompany you in your underwater explorations. For more information about the services on offer, prices and availability, please get in touch with the local diving clubs.