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Guite to Central Martinique

fort de france

The crossroads of pleasures

Central Martinique is a melting pot of cultural, history and urban life, just brimming with surprises. Take time to wander the streets, admire the buildings and visit the parks and gardens while enjoying the warm and friendly atmosphere of the center’s town and suburbs. The center of the island is no less fascinating than the north or the south.
The Center and its "Capital City":

Exploring Fort-de-France

fort de france

The city of Fort-de-France

Although Martinique does not, strictly speaking, have a capital city, Fort-de-France is the island’s largest and most populated town as well as its administrative, economic and cultural center. If you want to feel the heartbeat of the island and experience everyday local life, a trip to Fort-de-France must be on your list. 

marche martinique

Fort-de-France market

Want an exciting trip for the senses? Feel the buzz of the largest covered market on the island and let yourself be intoxicated by its delicately spicy smells, colorful stalls and the incomparable taste of our local specialties.

fort saint louis

Fort Saint-Louis

A major battle took place here between the French and the Dutch in 1674 when European powers were vying for control of the Caribbean. History comes to life at this site where visitors can immerse themselves in the events of the past while enjoying a panoramic view of the bay of Fort-de-France. 


The Schoelcher Library

This architectural treasure is steeped in fascinating history. Built in Paris in 1884, it was originally designed as a temporary structure for the Universal Exhibition of 1889. After having thrilled the exhibition’s visitors, it was dismantled piece by piece and transported by sea to Fort-de-France. Today, the building with its harmonious mix of wood, wrought iron and concrete, stands majestically in the city center. It has been a listed historical monument since 1973. 

La Savane FDF

La Savane

The Parc de la Savane, where many events take place, is a popular park with locals and visitors alike. People come here to relax, for some fresh air, for drinks or a little bite to eat or to chat while taking it easy in the shade of the palm trees.

The center and... its
Oases  of Green

Natural Spaces in the Center of the Island

On the edge of the bustling city, you will find strikingly beautiful, preserved natural sites. Some of Martinique’s most stunning sights are right here.
jardin de balata


This exceptional botanical garden up in the hills above Fort-de-France will amaze you with its incredible collection of tropical plants and the many hummingbirds that they attract. The Jardin de Balata is a wonderfully revitalizing day out and one of the best sights in the central part of the island.

Discover it
photo jardin balata Balata_jardin
photo d'un colibri dans le jardin de balata Colibri_balata


If you like hiking and ecotourism, come explore this treasure trove of biodiversity.

The Coeur Bouliki forest is home to a great variety of plant and animal species.

coeur bouliki

Gorges de

Those who like waterfalls and adventure will love exploring the gorges of the river Alma, a real wonder of nature that lies to the north of Fort-de-France, along the famous road La Route de la Trace. During this rainforest walk, you will follow the river Alma to discover a series of waterfalls, culminating with a giant waterfall of 40-meters tall. Swimming and canyoning are both worth a try here!

Alma riviere

The center and... its
Crystal-Clear Waters

Beaches in Central Martinique

Although Fort-de-France is not a true beach destination, the town does have several beaches if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle without going too far. Here’s where to go for some “do-nothing” time in town.
Plage bateliere

Plage de la Batelière

At the foot of the hotel of the same name, a tiny cove of white sand with crystal-clear waters awaits you for some precious relaxation. It has beach loungers, parasols, a beach bar and restaurant as well as a diving center. 

Plage de la française

Plage de la Française

This beach just a few steps from the Vieux Fort, has the advantage of being right in the center of town. It’s the ideal place to stop for a dip when visiting Fort-de-France for the day.

Plage Anse Madame

Plage de l'Anse Madame

This lovely beach in the center of Schloelcher has white sand stretching for over 200 meters. It is fringed with coconut and palm trees and enjoys nice clear, calm water.

The other regions of our island