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Blue paradise

plage martinique

Endless horizons

With the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Martinique is known for its spectacularly clear, warm waters and incredible places to swim. On the island of flowers, every dip you take is like being in another world.
photo plage grande anse d'Arlet Martinique-Grande-Anse

Fifty Shades of Blue

Crystal-Clear Waters

Prepare to experience scenery of outstanding beauty in Martinique.

When the blue of the sky and that of the glimmering sea merge together on the horizon, the spectacle is simply unforgettable.

Depending on where you are, the time of day and the intensity of the sun, the sea will delight you with an infinite array of shades of blue, from pale, almost-transparent turquoise to deep blue. Every beach, cove and bay has its own palette of colors for you to admire. There’s no getting enough of our sea views.

photo plage grande anse d'Arlet Martinique-Grande-Anse
Anse noire

Like your sand white or black?

Beach Paradises

Martinique abounds with beaches, so there is something for every taste and desire, from tiny, pristine coves in secluded locations amidst lush vegetation to endless, palm-fringed stretches of white sand caressed by translucent waters. On the island of flowers, it is as if beaches come à la carte. So will it be white, golden or black sand? Calm waters or exhilarating waves? A quiet or busier beach? Just take your pick!

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An Extraordinary Underwater World to Explore

The beauty of Martinique doesn’t stop with its heavenly beaches and postcard-perfect shores. In the perfectly silent world beneath water, a whole other spectacle awaits. The seas around the island are home to incredibly rich marine life (Martinique is a natural biosphere reserve) and offer ideal conditions for diving all year round.


Free diving?

Kit yourself out with fins, mask and snorkel and set off to explore our sea floor and coral reefs that teem with tropical fish like clown fish, surgeon fish and parrot fish. Their stunning colors are a dazzling sight you just have to see. And if, by chance, you should cross paths with one of our majestic sea turtles, let it pass by peacefully and simply marvel at the magical sight.

Scuba diving?

On the island, you will find numerous diving clubs and dedicated professionals who will be pleased to provide you with organized and completely safe diving trips, with a fun and friendly atmosphere. When you dive with us, you will discover our precious marine world, exploring famous wrecks and well-known dive sites.

Where Land Meets

Islands, Islets and Sainte-Marie Tombolo

Martinique also has some surprising natural landforms for you to discover along the coast. With remarkable geological phenomena and landscapes of a rare beauty, nature has shaped many coastal sites truly worth seeing.

Sainte-Marie Tombolo

This narrow strip of sand is completely exposed for just a few weeks a year, connecting Martinique to Sainte Marie Island, a protected nature reserve. This rare curiosity of nature – there are only five such sites in the world – is an occasional spectacle not to be missed.

Table du Diable plage

Table du Diable (Devil’s Table)

This small uninhabited islet in Sainte-Anne has a remarkable rectangular shape. It owes its name to its table-top-like summit and the numerous reefs which surround it, making it extremely perilous to approach.

bateau rocher du diamant

Rocher du Diamant (Diamond Rock)

This emblematic rock formation lies off the south coast of Martinique, opposite the village of the same name (Le Diamant). It is famed for its history and its shape resembling – you’ve guessed it – a diamond, particularly when it shimmers in the glimmering sunlight.

visuel drone de la presqu'île de la caravelle drone_caravelle_martinique

Caravelle Peninsula

This fascinating land formation is over 30 million years old. With a headland stretching a dozen kilometers into the sea, it is an extremely popular site for hiking and nature observation, offering absolutely unbelievable views.

Martinique with a big

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