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Get to know Martinique

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Martinique is an exciting place, today, with a rich history and a bright future ahead of it. Find out what makes our island so unique in our guide to Martinique.

Birth of a

History of Martinique

From the arrival of the Arawaks to the abolition of the slave trade and French departmentalization, come with us to retrace the history of Martinique. Our island is one with a powerful tale to tell and a rich and sometimes painful past. Our story is one marked by different peoples, influential figures, the emergence of a language and strong traditions.

Take a walk in the past
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Wonders of Nature

Biodiversity in Martinique

Discover the colorful plant life that gives Martinique its nickname as the “island of flowers”, as well as incredible animal life, hidden-away waterfalls, pristine beaches, green hiking trails, floral gardens and majestic peaks. [A2] Martinique is an island with many facets, from its mountainous terrain to its tropical climate, endemic animal species and precious ecosystems that we have a duty to protect.

Explore our Amazing Nature
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Birth of

Martinican Culture

An Incredible Destination for


Discover inland Martinique with its multi-faceted forests, waterfalls, mangrove swamps and lush, green peaks. Martinique is an amazing destination for exploring on horseback or on foot, as well as for diving, hiking, climbing and even parachute jumping.



Blue Paradise

Crystal clear waters, heavenly beaches and exceptional seabed... Martinique is a true jewel bathed in the blue of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Set off to discover a mysterious island where the waters harbor treasures and where water activities are king. Martinique invites you to meet there to swim in the morning, dive in the afternoon, sail in the evening and discover what is most beautiful about it.

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