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All about Dance in Martinique

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Martinique is a festive, warm and friendly island. A unique place with a generous and pulsating culture where we celebrate life and never miss an opportunity to come together and party.

And over here, there’s no party without dancing! Martinique’s dances are a lively and rhythmic mix that beautifully reflect the history of our special island.

The whole soul of Martinique resonates in the exhilarating dances that you will encounter here. Let go to their pulsating beats and experience a sense of freedom that you are not about to forget. From Sainte-Anne to Grand-Rivière, in Martinique, dancing is more than a sport or simple hobby – it’s our culture!

So, take a trip to Martinique and come dance with us on an island where the sun, sea, celebration and music dictate the rhythm of life.

It’s easy, just let your body move!

Danse martinique

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Zouk, a staple dance in the French West Indies

First of all, you have zouk, one of our best-known dances whose popularity exploded in the 1980s. It mixes the compas and gwo ka musical genres, against a biguine background, with a slow tempo underlined by percussion and brass. 

Zouk is probably the local dance that you are most familiar with, and for good reason, since it is an integral part of French West-Indian heritage.

So, if you hear zouk music, don’t hesitate to stretch out your hand and we will take you for a whirl.

zouk tête à tête

Bèlè, a rhythmic dance to Drums

Bèlè, a Martinican music and dance tradition

Another dance that Martinique is known for is bèlè with its unusual rhythms. The Creole word bèlé comes from “bel air” in French (literally “pretty tune”).   

Bèlè is a fascinating combination of dance, singing and music that reflects Martinican history.

The singer leads the music and responds to the drum and the ti bwa (wooden sticks) which dictate the rhythm of the dancers’ steps. It is like a musical dialog that draws you in and you will quickly become absorbed by this powerful piece of Martinican culture.
Bèlè is more than a simple dance, it is true spectacle like nothing you have ever seen and guarantees you a good time. 

Let us teach you!

Danse bèlè extérieur

Mazurka, Martinique’s take on the Waltz

All about the Mazurka

One of our most surprising dances is the mazurka, a real mix of influences that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mazurka became popular in the 1920s and is the most spectacular of Martinican dances. It is a charming couples dance composed of elegant steps as well as a more lively and upbeat phase.

You will see that it has two parts, known as the piqué and the nuit. 

The very rhythmic piqué section is danced in a series of three sliding steps with a piqué. The nuit is slower and danced more sensually. 

Believe us, it’s impossible not to love it.

mazurka couple

Biguine, a dance filled with Energy

Dancing the Biguine, A rhythmic traditional dance

Ready for one last dance...? It has to be the biguine! The biguine is a highly rhythmic couples dance.

Keep your legs and hips loose, alternating two steps to the left then two steps to the right. That’s it, you’ve got it!

Choose your dance partners and pack your bags for Martinique to join us on the dance floor. There are many shows, concerts and cultural events where you can sing, dance and join in the rich traditions of Martinique alongside us!

Feel like

The Lamentin Jazz Project

In May, the Lamentin Jazz Project festival in Le Lamentin brings together all the big names of the Caribbean jazz scene.

Festival Bèlè

The Bèlè Festival in Le Robert in June is entirely dedicated to bèlè, with dancing, workshops and conferences.

Biguine Jazz Festival

The Biguine Jazz Festival in August is an annual event that brings together a number of different musical genres in a different location each year.

Caribbean Gospel Festival

Every year at the Atrium in September, the Caribbean Gospel Festival brings together numerous gospel artists from all over

Martinique Jazz Festival

The Martinique Jazz Festival organizes jazz and world music concerts in Fort de France and in several other towns in November.

Martinique Carnival

And of course, there is the incomparable Martinique Carnival which takes place every year in January. Carnival is a fabulous opportunity to witness dancing, singing and costume parades that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We can’t wait for you
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