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Wild and 
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Heading north of Martinique

Nord Caraibe

Indomitable eARTH

When you choose to visit North Martinique, you choose to explore the most natural and undeveloped parts of our island, like incredibly rich rainforest, crystal-clear rivers and waterfalls, striking beaches of black sand – and many other treasures that will delight those who love nature and the great outdoors. It’s like escaping to another world.

The North and... its absolutely
Natural Beauty

North Martinique: Nature in its Purest State

Gorges de la Falaise

Les Gorges de la Falaise

Sculpted over time by the forces of nature, the cliff gorges offer you an unforgettable aquatic hiking experience. If you fancy walking up a river tucked tightly between two great cliffs to a cascading waterfall (Cascade des Gorges de la Falaise) for a moment of sheer pleasure in harmony with nature, this is the place!

photo d'une randonneuse de dos Randonnée_bestjober

Hike from Grand Rivière to Le Prêcheur

Experienced walkers can venture onto the trails of the legendary Grand Rivière to Le Prêcheur hike – without a doubt one of the most stunning hikes in Martinique. Be warned, though, it’s no walk in the park; expect it to take you about 6.5 hrs to complete the 16-kilometer walk. For more safety, always hike with a partner or with a guide as this might be a dangerous hike.

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The Caravelle peninsula

Over on the Atlantic coast, take a visit to Tartane, a traditional fishing village where colorful boats line the beach. You’ll discover a completely different landscape as you wander the paths of the Caravelle Peninsula. As a protected nature reserve, there is an incredible variety of fauna and flora to see.

Habitation Céron

Habitation Céron

Don’t miss the chance to visit the sugar mill ruins nestling in the heart of the rainforest. There are many centuries-old trees to see, too, including the strangler fig and our most spectacular tree of all, the famous Zamana, a majestic giant of over 300 hundred years old.

The north and...
its Great mountain

Exploring Mount Pelée

No visit to North Martinique is complete without a trip to (or even up) Mount Pelée. Our infamous volcano in the north of the island with an altitude of 1397 meters, making it Martinique’s highest point is a must see. You can climb it via three hiking trails that guarantee breathtaking views. Do you enjoy historical sites and ruins? If so, let yourself get lost in the narrow streets of Martinique’s former capital to discover the ruined city and its history. From the bay of Saint Pierre, Mount Pelée offers a spectacular sight.

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photo drone de la montagne pelée (Verrier) Montagne Pelée
montagne pelee
montagne pelee
photo drone de la montagne pelée
montagne pelee
montagne pelee

The north and... its outdoor Pursuits

Adventure Sports in North Martinique

On both the north’s Caribbean and Atlantic side, you’ll find superb natural surroundings with many things to see and do. So why not try a different experience in the north of Martinique?

Buggy riding, canyoning, surfing & horseback riding: If you like adrenaline-filled sports, you can try riding across cane fields in a buggy, abseiling down into the entrails of the rainforest or braving the waves in Anse Bonneville. No end of original and one-of-a-kind experiences await you in the north. You can also tour a distillery and taste our AOC label Rum on a 4-wheel-drive excursion or gallop along the beach for an unforgettable moment of freedom.

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The north and... Its volcanic beaches

The Black Sand Beaches of the North

If you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary beaches, some unique stretches of sand await you in North Martinique. The distinctive black sand in this region creates a striking contrast with the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Tucked discreetly between volcanic cliffs, Anse Couleuvre beach is one remarkable example. After a short walk through forest, an incredible setting awaits you for an utterly relaxing Robinson Crusoe-style day.

plage sable noir
plage Anse Couleuvre

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