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Place Hurrard

le françois

Inspiring experience

Discover the excellence of Place Hurrard products: an exclusive range of top-of-the-range products created with passion by experienced craftsmen. The originality of our concept lies in the versatility of our biscuits and cakes, which can be enjoyed in many different ways. Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure with a cup of tea or coffee, or make your loved ones' eyes sparkle with the unique delights of Place Hurrard.

Discover our world by booking an exclusive tasting of our products. You can also immerse yourself in the authentic environment of our top-of-the-range biscuit-making workshop, where tradition and innovation come together in harmony. Enjoy an unrivalled taste experience and an immersion in Martinique's first top-of-the-range biscuit factory. Place Hurrard is waiting to awaken your senses and taste buds.

Opening hours

  • 07h00 - 15h00
  • 07h00 - 15h00
  • 07h00 - 15h00
  • 07h00 - 15h00
  • 07h00 - 15h00


Min. Max.
Basic rate 5€ -

Other information

  • Spoken language(s)
    • French
  • Payment method(s)
    • Bank cards
    • Bank and postal cheques
    • Species


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Place Hurrard

le françois