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Built in 1635 by Jacques du Parquet, nephew of Belain d'Estambuc, the "La Montagne" estate was an example of a sugar-producing dwelling. In 1902, the eruption of Mount Pelée wiped out the town of Saint-Pierre, killing 30,000 people, including the entire Depaz family, and destroying the house. Victor Depaz, the only surviving member of the family, who was studying in Bordeaux at the time, decided to move back to the island and set about rebuilding the Depaz house, which had by then become a distillery.

The distillery covers 80 hectares of volcanic land at the foot of Montagne Pelée, between the sea and the mountains. Its rum reflects the painstaking work that went into its creation, with its distinctive scents and flavours. The regularity of its production, the care taken in fermenting the cane juice and its volcanic terroir are all details that ensure the success of its agricultural rum.

You can explore the distillery on a self-guided tour, in an exceptional setting overlooking Montagne Pelée. You'll see the island's oldest steam engine, an 18th-century beast mill and a small museum.

The DEPAZ boutique is more than just a sales outlet. Above all, it is a privileged place for tasting DEPAZ rums, which the friendly and helpful team will help you to discover and appreciate.
The entire range of DEPAZ rums is on offer, from whites such as the "Cuvée de la Montagne" to aged rums such as the XO Millésime 2002, Gold Medal winner at the Concours Général Agricole in 2019.

In addition, some of the traditional local products are on display, such as the honey produced by the Château DEPAZ beehives.

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Distillerie Depaz