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Distillerie Trois Rivieres


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The Plantation Trois Rivières, located in Sainte Luce on the road to the southern beaches, is recognizable by its windmill. Founded around 1660 by Nicolas Fouquet, it is one of the first distilleries in Martinique.
You can visit the old distillery. Passionate guides will comment on the ancestral methods of making Trois Rivières agricultural rums, from the cutting of the cane to the aging process. A privileged moment of exchange.
You will continue your walk by stopping in the artisans' stores: a source of ideas to find your original souvenirs. The garden inhabited by the "Touloulous", small red crabs of Martinique, at the foot of the majestic cheese tree, will delight you.
Finally, on the terrace overlooking the plantation, you will taste the prestigious vintages and cuvées of Trois Rivières which are distinguished today at the world level. Awaken your senses...


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Distillerie Trois Rivieres