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Rum Distilleries in Martinique

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The distilleries

In Martinique, distilleries and rum factories are the guardians of a rich heritage of traditions and flavors. We’ll guide you in exploring these wonderful places where conviviality and legacy come together for an extraordinary voyage for the senses.

Cave de rhum

Visiting Distilleries in Martinique

If you want a complete immersion in the world of Martinique rum, you can visit all the distilleries on the island. Every year, 600,000 visitors tour the distilleries in Martinique. Some offer guided tours on which you will see the sugarcane plantations, still rooms and aging cellars. While there, you will have the opportunity to taste a variety of different rums, talk to rum experts and take away a bottle if you like.

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Martinique, land of

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The only AOC Rum in the World

Martinique rum, the only AOC rum in the world, is a €400 million industry, employing 3,900 people in direct and indirect jobs.

Martinique produces 16 million liters of rum per annum, accounting for 1% of rum worldwide.

It exports 12 million liters of rum per year (75% of production), with exports growing annually by 5%.

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Your distillery tour

When you visit a distillery, you will discover the fascinating stages of the rum-making process and understand why Martinique is home to some of the finest rums in the world, with an AOC label of origin. 

As you approach some of the island’s biggest distilleries, the fields of sugar cane dancing in the tropical breeze will give you an immediate sense of where it all begins.  

You will quickly come to realize that each distillery is quite unique. Some will astonish you with the beauty of their gardens, others with art exhibitions, their authentic character or their state-of-the-art facilities.

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In the mid-17th century, Martinique was home to nearly 200 sugarcane mills. It was even known as a “sugar island”.

Later, in the early 19th century, the Caribbean sugar industry was unable to withstand the competition from beet sugar. And so the West Indies adopted a new strategy, abandoning sugar production in favor of “rum agricole”, a rum made from pure cane juice. 

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Rum production

Your discovery of the world of rum and rum-making will then take you to the stills where the magical transformation takes place. As you delve deeper into this exciting sensory world, you will see how sugarcane is pressed and learn how rum is made from molasses or vesou (cane juice), from the process of fermentation through distillation and aging.  

In Martinique, most of the rum produced is rum agricole, made from sugarcane juice. Distillery and rum factory tours are run by passionate professionals, so fire away and ask any questions you may have.
Depending on the distillery, you might see copper stills – in the more traditional ones – or other more modern facilities and techniques.

Tasting Rum in a distillery

A distillery tour wouldn’t be complete without tasting some delicious rum. On your visits, you will be able to taste different kinds of rum, from pure and crystal-clear white rum agricole to old rum (rhum vieux) that has been patiently aged in oak barrels. 

Every glass reveals a unique array of aromas, from fruity and floral notes to wood and spices. There are several categories of rum: 

  • Straw rum or rhum paille obtains its color from a long period of a year and a half in oak and conserves all the same flavors as white rum. Rum lovers like to use it in Ti-punch.
  • Old rum (rhum vieux) is made from white rum that is aged for at least three years in oak.
  • White rum agricole (also known as “grappe blanche), is made with fresh-pressed sugarcane juice. It is high in alcohol and is typically used in punch or long drinks like planteur.

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As well as sharing rum, these tastings are the opportunity to hear the stories and anecdotes of our island’s master rum makers.

They will reveal their secrets, explain the specific characteristics of each rum and take you on a journey through the centuries of history behind each bottle. Thanks to them, you will take away a little piece of Martinique and its warm and welcoming soul. You will come to understand why rum is not simply a drink here, but a real tradition and symbol of our culture of conviviality and sharing.

Martinique offers a true journey to the heart of rum – an experience for the senses, where you get to know people over a glass of this traditional drink. Whether you are an enlightened enthusiast or just curious, it is impossible not to appreciate the warm atmosphere that pervades these magical homes of rum. 

So join us in this tropical experience and sharing of traditions, deep into the heart of the rum distilleries of Martinique and let yourself be amazed by the delicious taste of a world-class rum. 

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rhum martiniquais

On a distillery tour, you can visit the distillery buildings and cellars, often as part of a visitor experience, and can also buy rum while you are there. At distilleries, you will find special packaging designed especially for air transport. Rum is also available to buy in supermarkets but make sure that the label is marked “Rhum agricole AOC de la Martinique”.

Rum is generally cheaper in Martinique than in mainland Europe for reasons of logistics and taxes. It is a noble spirit and an exceptional product whose price can vary from 12 to tens of thousands of euros a bottle.

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