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Where to stay in Martinique

What about a well-deserved break where time means nothing, on an island with stunning panoramas everywhere you look? An island with such beautiful landscapes that you never feel like you have seen it all. An island whose quiet and unspoiled north will leave you with incredible memories of hikes starting at sunrise and whose busier south promises you unforgettable sunsets from your window looking out onto a heavenly beach.

Escape to our amazing hotels

Book a hotel in Martinique and experience an utterly relaxing stay on the island of flowers. From all-inclusive accommodation to five-star hotels, Martinique is the perfect “do-nothing” vacation destination.

Getaway and Unwind at our holiday rentals

Renting a house, villa or a more unusual rental property in Martinique gives you a great base for exploring the whole island. You will find options such as cabins and chalets or can even stay with local hosts in a charming gîte or guest house. And if you want to be close to nature and meet other people during your stay, why not opt for a campsite or resort village?

Accommodation guide

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First things first, decide which type of accommodation makes a dream vacation for you. Your accommodation choice in Martinique will depend on the kind of stay you want, your budget and what you want to see and do.

If you want to enjoy a completely independent stay, exploring the island of flowers from Le Prêcheur to Saint-Luce at your own pace and organizing your days as you please, then a rental property will be the ideal accommodation solution for you.

If you’re more interested in a relaxing stay where you can take things easy and prefer activities that are organized for you, pick a hotel where you can enjoy lazing by the pool between trips to the beach

If you dream of really getting to know Martinican culture, while staying close to the most beautiful coves and hiking routes, a stay in a gîte is the perfect option.

Martinique is an island with a great variety of terrain and landscapes to explore, which is why the location of your accommodation on the island will be very important to realizing your dream stay. You will also need to decide if you want to stay in a popular tourist spot or in a quieter area. 

North Martinique

If you seek a vacation characterized by tranquility, nature and traditional local life, with black sand beaches for scenery and wild and impressive sites, the north of Martinique is ideal. Local people will be happy to chat and you’ll enjoy many wonderful encounters all over the north of the island which is less busy with tourists than the south.

Central Martinique

Staying in the Fort-de-France area, in the very center of the island, will give you access to plenty of bars and restaurants and the possibility to visit museums such as the Martinique departmental museum, the Père Pinchon museum or even the Aimé Césaire museum space.

Another option in the center of the island is to stay in the area around Le François. Le François has a small lively town center and many watersports to enjoy nearby. You can also visit the eight amazing islands in its bay – where you will find the incredible Joséphine’s Bathtub – swim in pristine waters and see tremendous coral reefs. 

South Martinique

And for those who dream of idyllic beaches with tourist facilities but who also want to see more undeveloped stretches of coastline, the south is the perfect place.

In fact, the ideal solution is to stay in both the south and the north, for a few days each. That way you will see what makes Martinique such an incredible island.

But how to choose between an idyllic paradise and a wild and natural oasis? 

From Macouba to Sainte-Luce and Sainte-Anne, through Le Carbet, Trinité, Le François and Sainte-Marie, Martinique is full of all sorts of accommodation designed to fit every desire and offer you the best possible stay on the island. 

If you love heavenly beaches, the south of Martinique – the most visited and liveliest part of the island – has many accommodation options just steps from a beautiful sandy beach or near a small fishing village.

The south is where most tourist accommodation can be found, including hotels and rental properties as well as guest houses and luxury boutique hotels. For diving enthusiasts, the south, with its coral gardens and turquoise waters, has some incredible sites in the vicinity of Diamond Rock, Anse Mitan and Anses d’Arlet. 

Watersports fans should try staying in the Sainte-Anne peninsula, in Le Vauclin or Trois-Ilets for sea kayaking and paddle boarding, or in Basse-Pointe, Anse Bonneville, Pointe du Bout or Cap Chevalier for a stay near the best surfing, bodyboarding, kite surfing and windsurfing spots.

Staying in the center of the island, near Fort-de-France, is the opportunity to explore a lively town. You’ll also discover Martinique’s rich culture and many local specialties thanks to a great choice of bars and restaurants and many historical sites and museums.
Staying in a truly central location on the island will enable you to visit the incredible nearby islands, swim in pristine waters, shop at local markets, browse boutiques, meet unforgettable people and enjoy lively town centers.

If your dream stay is one surrounded by nature, near famous black sand beaches, like Anse Céron or Anse Couleuvre, and hiking trails with incredible views of the crashing sea, look to the north of the island which will be paradise for you. 

It has many accommodation choices including a wide variety of rustic gîtes, cabins and rooms in private homes. Those that love stays revolving around mountains and tropical vegetation can stay near the Route de la Trace – a famous road running through a dense natural area – and stop off at Balata Gardens near Case Pilote and the Emeraude estate in Morne Rouge. Up in the north, you can challenge yourself to the ascent of Mount Pelée and try its renowned auberge or give canyoning and rafting a go by renting an apartment or a house near the famous Canyon de l’Alma. 

Free camping is forbidden in Martinique, however nature lovers can pitch their tent in the island’s only official campsite in Sainte-Anne.

The island of flowers has accommodation to suit every desire and every budget. 

In Martinique, there are different ranges of prices meaning that you will be able to find accommodation to match your budget as long as you are flexible.

A week’s accommodation for two people could cost you less than €350 if you have a fairly small budget, from €350 to €560 if you have an average budget and more than €560 if your budget is more substantial.

If you are opting for a gîte, a rental property or a room in a private home, owners and local hosts often tend to rent by the week. 
Prices generally vary according to season and a small tourist tax also applies in all localities on the island.

So which region will you prefer? After all, the best way to get to know an island as beautiful as Martinique is to stay long enough to explore it all!