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With its nine ecosystems – tropical rainforest, high-altitude vegetation, semi-humid forest, dry forest, rocky coasts, beaches and sandy shores, seagrass beds and reefs and rivers – Martinique is one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots recognized for the richness of their natural forest, coastal, marine and river environments.

activite nature martinique

A rich and remarkable ecosystem of more than 3,000 species

Everywhere in Martinique, you can visit outstanding parks and gardens, providing a stunning illustration of the island’s lush nature. 

These green spaces showcase the island of flower’s rich plant life which features more than 3,000 species – including 1220 native plants, 396 tree species and a whole host of colorful, flowers, trees and fruits that cohabit in harmony. One of these is Jardin de Balata, an absolute must-see on the island and renowned throughout the world for its natural beauty. 

In 2015, two green spaces in Martinique were awarded the “Remarkable Garden” label including the garden at Habitation Acajou (or Habitation Clément) in Morne Rouge and the garden at Habitation Céron in Le Prêcheur. In 2022, three further parks obtained the label: Jardin de Balata, Ferme Perrine in Le Lamentin and the Jardin animalier de l’Anse Latouche in Le Carbet. The Remarkable Garden label promotes to the public “gardens whose design, plants and upkeep are of a remarkable standard, whether they are private or public, and protected monuments or sites or not”. 

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jardin de balata

The Grounds of Habitation Clément

The former sugar estate Habitation Clément is renowned for its history, the beauty of its architecture and the splendor of its grounds. The garden is a real asset to the estate and is strikingly beautiful and poetic with its ancient trees, contemporary sculptures and charming ponds.

Among the 300 species of strangler fig, silk cotton and baobab trees, you can discover the remains of the Habitation Clément sugar refinery, a palm grove home to around thirty species and a tropical fruit orchard.

Jardin habitation clément

The Garden of Habitation Saint-Etienne

Dotted with rare species, century-old trees – like sapodillas, silk cotton trees, strangler figs and red palms – and contemporary sculptures, the grounds of Habitation Saint-Etienne are one of the most enchanting places to visit in Martinique. 

You can also discover the old cellars, where tastings are held and which also house a cultural space hosting art exhibitions. 

Concerts, shows, conferences and projections are also regularly held here.

jardin habitation st etienne

The Garden of DDomaine d'Emeraude

Created by the Martinique Regional Nature Park, the Domaine d'Emeraude garden comprises 24 hectares of tropical rainforest.

Here you can visit the fascinating nature exploration pavilion to learn all about the island’s incredible island biodiversity, the link between Man and Nature and endangered ecosystems, as well as a nursery housing many of the plants and spices that are emblematic of Creole cuisine. 

You can also set off on three discovery trails to explore the flora and fauna of the rainforest.

jardin domaine d'émeraude

The garden of Habitation

At this stunning estate built on the banks of the River Céron and crossed by a babbling brook – which is a refreshing spot for a rest – you can see some magnificent and astonishing species of tree, including the mango tree, the silk cotton tree and the strangler fig tree. 

You can also see a cocoa plantation and a towering rain tree (or samana) of over 300 years old, named tree of the year in 2016.

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