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Les Pitons Du Carbet

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The Pitons du Carbet are located in the north of Martinique. They are thought to be Martinique's oldest mountain range, dating back further than Mount Pelée, Martinique's highest peak. They are of volcanic origin. Along with Montagne Pelée, they are the island's most beautiful natural observatory. This region is characterised by a thick tropical rainforest with tall tree ferns, anthuriums, balisiers and bamboo.
From an altitude of 800 m, the vegetation becomes
becomes less dense and reveals
magnificent panoramas of the island. The five
pitons of Le Carbet are :
- Piton Lacroix or Morne Pavillon (1,196 m)
- Piton de l'Alma (1105 m)
- Piton Dumauzé (1109 m)
- Piton Boucher (1070 m)
- Morne Piquet (1160 m


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Les Pitons Du Carbet

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