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Mount Pelée and the Pitons of Northern Martinique

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Cap towards the

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The North, an unspoilt natural setting

Explore the North of Martinique, a true Natural Jewel. Immerse yourself in the intimacy of our 30 hiking trails revealing a endemic flora and fauna of rare beauty.

Our islets and wild beaches, with their white, golden and black sands, offer a memorable escape. Let yourself be lulled by the murmur of the rivers and admire our waterfalls.

Don't miss the exceptional spectacle of the Tombolo opening once a year, from November to April.

And, of course, marvel at the mighty Mount Pelée, its forests and Pitons now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit Martinique, a jewel of unique biodiversity.

visuel drone de la montagne pelée Montagne Pelée

The North, witness to a heritage

Enjoy the heritage of northern Martinique. Visit the old Habitations, dating from the period of slavery, which bear witness to the colonial past.

At Saint-Pierre, City of Art and History, discover the ruins and wrecks sunken underwater and gauge the power of our volcano, the Mount Pelée, and the story of its last eruption in 1902.

The North also boasts an exceptional built heritage, with Creole architecture, European, African and Amerindian influences, and remarkable places of worship (churches, Hindu temples, slave cemeteries), offering a unique spiritual mosaic. 

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The North, a reflection of our intense culture

Discover the rich Culture of Northern Martinique. Let yourself be seduced by our Creole gastronomy and our specialties such as Boyo Ton from Prêcheur, trempage from Trinité and Sainte-Marie, or accras de titiris from Grand-Rivière.

Taste the Best Rums in the World and feel their richness by understanding how they are made, the importance of terroir and surprising savory and sweet pairings.

Dive intothe local musical soul with the bèlè or the biguine, and the rousing melodies of our bèlè drum or our flute des mornes.

Discover local crafts with Amerindian (basketry), Indian (madras), or African (calabash) heritages.

Experience the North, where every flavor, every sound, and every gesture evokes our authentic culture.

Martinique, wonder of the World

Martinique, its Pitons du Nord and the volcanoes and forests of Montagne Pelée have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since September 17, 2023.
Come and discover the north of the island of flowers, a marvellous and astonishing land. A natural masterpiece that combines biodiversity, culture and heritage.
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The must-sees of the North

The beauty of


Mount Pelee

At 1,397 meters, it almost touches the sky: climb to the summit of Montagne Pelée to enjoy breathtaking views of the whole island of Martinique. There are several trails to choose from, for beginners to the most experienced hikers!

Discover it
montagne pelee


A city of Art and History

Nested between sea and mountains, Saint-Pierre is a jewel of history and culture - a must-see stop on your trip to Martinique. Discover the ruins, remnants of the 1902 volcanic eruption.

photo du coucher de soleil saint pierre Coucher de soleil saint pierre

Under the ocean at

In the depths of Saint-Pierre Bay lurk the mysterious statue of the mermaid Manman Dlo and the wreck of the ship Nahoon, sunk in 1993 to colonize the rich and colorful marine fauna.

Diving and Snorkeling
Manman Dlo

Explore the North with one of our 


Cultural activities and heritage discoveries, sports and water sports or moments of well-being... Everything is possible in Martinique



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