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Vacation rentals

What better way to discover our beautiful island than to explore it from the inside?

From furnished apartments to charming lodges, Martinique invites you to the most charming of its rentals and welcomes you as if you were at home.

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Practical Infos

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In Martinique, all types of accommodation are available for rental. The south, the most touristy region of the island, concentrates most of the accommodation and hotel residences.

You will find very beautiful accommodation there: furnished apartments and houses for rent, as well as numerous gîtes and

guest rooms near fine sandy beaches and charming, lively towns. In the north, where hotels and villas are rarer, you will

find more discreet and authentic accommodation such as homestay rentals for lovers of encounters and great stories.

Sharing the daily life of a resident is undoubtedly the best way to discover Martinique at its most true and welcoming.

All desires are achievable in Martinique. You can easily rent a holiday home, a villa, unusual accommodation,

a chalet or a bungalow, stay with locals by choosing a charming gîte or a guest room or even choose conviviality

with collective accommodation. , camping or holiday villages.

Rather wild nature or idyllic beach?

A multitude of reliefs and breathtaking landscapes… In Martinique, you will be amazed. 
The location of your accommodation will therefore depend on your desires and expectations for this unforgettable stay.

Are you thirsty for adventure? You will find what you are looking for in the north of the island where you can take 
on the challenge of Montagne Pelée, or tread the ebony sand of Anse Céron and Anse Couleuvre. 
You will discover natural, authentic and wild landscapes. The north of the island being less touristy than the south, 
you will find other types of accommodation for rent there and you can sleep in unusual places or with locals in charming lodges. 
A paradise for lovers of nature, adventure and hiking... Not forgetting the dream beaches!

In the heart of the island, towards Fort-de-France, you can take advantage of the bustling city to immerse yourself 
in Martinican culture, taste our many specialties but also visit many historic places and museums. Right in the
center of the island, you can enjoy the bustle of the city as well as the beauty of the landscapes.

The South is more lively and just as rich in idyllic landscapes: fine sand, pristine beaches, crystal clear water... 
There, you can stay in typical furnished accommodation near the beaches and hiking trails along the water. 
You can practice many water and land activities there: snorkeling, jet-skiing, surfing, canyoning, 
tree climbing, kayaking, mountain biking... And even go and meet dolphins.

Our advice: if you want to discover an island full of treasures, don't hesitate to take the time to explore it
 as a whole. Venture into the north of the island, wild and authentic, explore the alleys and typical markets
 of the center of Fort de France and enjoy the south of the island, heavenly and colorful.

From north to south, Martinique has so much to give you!

For private rental, there are many furnished tourist accommodations. The best rentals located in the most 
popular regions are generally booked months in advance, or even from one year to the next, by regulars.

Budget level:

Count on €200 to €400 for a week in a studio. For an F2, plan for a range between €300 and €600 per week.
If you are lucky, you can find a small furnished house equipped with a terrace, sea view and a few steps
from the beach for less than €100 per night.
There are also more and more villas rented by the week from €500 per week. Many villas are equipped with
a swimming pool and benefit from an incredible view, we are already dreaming of it!
For a gîte, count between €250 and €600 per week.
If you plan to go during the high season (between December and April), particularly during 
school holidays, plan your stay and your reservations 6 months in advance.

Do not hesitate to consult the reviews of former tenants to get a first impression of the accommodation.