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Discover the captivating world of Habdaphaï, an artist from Martinique with a passion for masks, totems and symbols. Using a unique language of traces and signs, he weaves a vibrant tale of his island experiences. By scrutinising the soul of Martinique, he becomes a perceptive chronicler of the multiple cross-fertilisations that shape it. Meet the artist in the heart of Le Marin, on rue Victor Sévère, before heading to his studio perched high above Cap Beauchene in Le Marin. The visits, punctuated by a warm welcome, are free and personalised. Habdaphaï prepares each exhibition in meticulous detail, and will contact you beforehand to find out your preferences among her captivating series of works. Enthusiastic about sharing her passion, the artist offers art classes for children and adults. Explore monotype, stencil, print and many other techniques, in an inspiring environment. Book now, and let Habdaphaï open the doors to a world where visual expression comes to life.


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