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Culinary Trip

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plat martiniquais
plat martiniquais

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I'm always delighted by the idea of traveling because you can discover new cultures, both in terms of heritage, history and especially gastronomy...

Let's be honest, a holiday filled with restaurants, cocktails and delicious desserts makes all the difference!

You're in luck, I'm not selfish, so it's my pleasure to share my good addresses with you, the ones you absolutely mustn't miss!


Route information


Starting point: Fort-de-France
Point of arrival: Anses d'Arlet


1 day

Recommended age

3+ years

Recommended months

January to December



Breakfast in Fort-de-France

In my opinion, a must for brunching in Martinique: Zakari! This café takes its inspiration from Anglo-Saxon coffee-shops and offers homemade dishes based on fresh, seasonal produce, making for a gourmet brunch menu rich in flavor. If you go there, you're bound to try the Zakari perdu, a traditional Martiniquan bread revisited as pain perdu. I guarantee you won't regret it!

P Accessible by car

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Lunch in Anses d'Arlets

If you're passing through Anses d'Arlets, don't miss the Ti Payot restaurant, located opposite Grande Anse beach. After tasting the various flavors of Caribbean cuisine, you'll want to finish the afternoon lounging on the beach.

Les Anses d'Arlet
P Accessible by car

Top spots

Ti Payot Les anses-d'arlet
  • Beach restaurant

Dinner in Les Trois-Ilets

Early evening continues in the South, in Les Trois-Ilets, and not just in any restaurant! Immerse yourself in the world of the chef at the restaurant le Zandoli, who uses his creativity to delight your taste buds while offering a copious menu rich in flavors, all with the magnificent view from the hotel la Suite Villa.

Restaurant Zandoli Pointe du Bout
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Tips and Interesting Facts:

If I may suggest an in-between activity, after your trip to Anse d'Arlets, try the escape game Les secrets du Temps, located in Trois-Ilets. During this game, you'll take a leap into Martinique's past with its share of mystery and enigma... I can assure you that the suspense will be there!

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