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Romantic weekend

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A romantic weekend in the south of the

To discover Martinique is, in a way, to go on a quest for relaxation and wonder, basking in the simple but beautiful sights offered by nature on this island. And it's even better when you can share these precious moments together. To create a weekend worthy of the name for your loved one, you need THE right addresses, and that's where I come in! I'm one of those people who love the north as much as the south of Martinique, so if you follow this itinerary, I guarantee you'll be of the same opinion as me by the end of your stay!
Say hello to the beautiful beaches, the beautiful beaches and the beautiful people of Martinique. Say hello to beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets and settings, each more romantic than the last!


Route information


Starting point: Trois-Ilets
Point of arrival: Carbet



Recommended age

18+ years

Recommended months

January to December



Day 1: The Villa Suite

To get your stay off to the right start, drop your bags at one of the commune's most beautiful hotels, the Suite Villa. Located on the heights of Les Trois-Ilets, it offers panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, in addition to its modern setting and naturally tropical charm. This hotel has several different suites that are bound to be just what you're looking for.

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Day 1: The village of Poterie

After a good night's sleep, set off to discover the Village de la Poterie, a veritable cultural center occupied by several artisans, shopkeepers and potters, who immerse you in their worlds, specific to the handcrafting of jewelry, furniture, artistic works and more. The village promises a journey not only in craftsmanship, but also in culinary delights, as there are numerous local restaurants offering a variety of flavors. 

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Tips and Interesting Facts:

Other recommended addresses: Bougie Aimée and Natea & Co


La Pointe du Bout

Continue your day with a stroll to Pointe du Bout des Trois-Ilets, with its many stores and food outlets, then head to Anse Mitan for water sports activities and why not try parasailing to discover the commune from another angle!

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Slave Savannah

La Savane des Esclave is a recreation of an Amerindian village, featuring a medicinal and Creole garden, with over 25 traditional huts, dwellings of the country folk and slaves. This representation will allow you to immerse yourself in the lifestyle these inhabitants led, and you'll have information panels throughout your visit. 

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Vatable Forest

The Vatable site is located in the Forêt Domaniale du Littoral. This peri-urban forest is ideal for walks, or picnics thanks to its layout and ease of access. It's a soothing place to end the day, at one with nature. The little extra is the view of Gros Ilets and Fort-de-France bay from the footpath!



New day for new adventures and this time heading for Martinique's North Caribbean!  Saint-Pierre has a wild charm thanks to the green mountains visible and the hills that offer wonderful panoramas and above all very different from what we're used to seeing in the south of Martinique. 

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The Martinique Zoo

After a moment of relaxation in Saint-Pierre, head for Le Carbet to start the day with a visit to the Zoo de la Martinique, which by the way is the oldest dwelling in Martinique, it offers a tropical setting with a well laid-out course rich in variety of animal species, between pumas, monkeys, jaguars and many more, you won't know where to turn your head!

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Anse Turin beach

Take advantage of the proximity between the Zoo and the Anse Turin beach for a pleasant swim, between the magnificent view you have of Montagne Pelée and the hills at road level, this beach with its rustic charm and light grey sand offers a nice change of scenery.

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Sunset at Le Carbet

What better way to end the day than with a cocktail as beautiful as it is good at the Beach Grill, a restaurant facing the sea. I've been to this restaurant before and  I recommend it a thousand times over to lovers of the golden hour, a tireless spectacle seen from here. 

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Romantic weekend