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Services and Rental Agencies in Martinique

With wide-ranging scenery and a culture centered on nature, the sea, rum, music, food and partying, our island has many treasures to discover.

To enjoy the many facets of Martinique, make sure you plan your stay and take advantage of the island’s excellent service providers, from boat companies, to car or equipment rental providers, travel agencies, local shops and more.

Since you are our guest of honor, let us share all our best travel tips with you, so that no need is left unanswered during your vacation in Martinique. 

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Whether you are looking to organize a boat trip or arrange travel or car hire in Martinique, our reliable and experienced tourism professionals will help you to plan your stay.

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All Shops and Services in Martinique

Feeling peckish or got something you need to buy? Find all the local shops and services you need during your stay on the island of flowers. 

Practical info

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Most shops are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and then from 3 pm to 6 pm. They also open on Saturday mornings (on Sundays, shops stay closed).

Banks and other administrative services generally open at about 8 am and close at about 4.30 pm, from Monday to Friday, except Wednesday afternoons when they are closed.

A car is one of the best ways to explore Martinique. It gives you the freedom to move around and go wherever you like, from the island’s beaches with their pristine waters to the winding roads of Mount Pelée and our remarkable cultural and historical sites

Martinique has an excellent road network, even though some roads can be winding and quite steep. On isolated tracks, a four-wheel drive vehicle is preferable.
Most roads are not lit at night, so take care to drive carefully if you are out in the car after dark. 

In rush hour – which lasts from 6.30 am to 8.30 am and from 4 pm to 6 pm – traffic around Fort de France becomes very congested. The traffic jams are so severe that it is even worth taking the ferry between Trois-Ilets and Fort de France.

In Martinique, you will easily find a car to rent. There is a large offering on the island and you will have no trouble finding all sorts of vehicles in a variety of price bands.

To rent a vehicle, you must be at least 21 years of age and be in possession of a French Driving License or International Driving Permit. 

Prices vary depending on the car rental company and the time of year. You will obtain better deals by booking in advance before arriving in Martinique. If you want to rent a car in high season, you will need to book well in advance. 

Rental prices generally include unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance coverage.

If you book with one of the major car rental providers, expect to pay €250 a week for a Category A vehicle in low season and €500 for the same type of vehicle in high season. 

Some tips to avoid problems while renting a car: 

  • Avoid parking beneath coconut or mango trees whose fruit could damage your vehicle. 
  • Make sure that you clean your rental car well before returning it. The rental company’s cleaning surcharge could cost you a lot more than taking it to the car wash.

You will find a large choice of rental cars in the vicinity of the airport where most of the major international car hire companies have offices. There are also rental agencies in Fort-de-France, in Pointe du Bout and in major hotels.

Booking online via websites that compare and negotiate car rental prices for you is a good way to find the best deals. 

While mopeds are in theory an ideal means of transport to explore the island, especially in the south where the roads are less winding than those in the Mount Pelée area, we do not recommend driving a moped or bicycle on Martinique’s roads. Moreover, there are very few moped or motorbike rental companies on the island.

If you do want to cycle while in Martinique, it is possible to go mountain biking in some parts of the island. The Trace des Caps trail is a good place for this, between Le Vauclin and Sainte-Anne.

Regular taxis

Taxis are generally equipped with a meter system. Those that don’t have one will display their fares inside the vehicle. 

Expect to pay about €25 for a taxi to Fort-de-France airport, €50 from the airport to Trois-Ilets, Tartane or Le Diamant and €70 for a trip to Sainte-Anne.

Fares go up 40% at night and on Sundays and public holidays.

Shared Taxis

These minibus or station wagon-style cars, known as “taxicos” or “tombé-levé” in Créole, run all over the island, every day except Sundays, from 6 am to 6 pm.


The island has a smallish bus network. 

In the center of the island, a local service (called Mozaik) stops in Fort-de-France, Saint-Joseph, Le Lamentin and Schoelcher. A rapid-transit bus system, the TCSP, has also been in service since 2018. It has two lines that run between Ducos and Fort-de-France. 

In the southwest, a longer bus line runs between Trois-Ilets and Sainte-Anne. The SudLib service stops in 12 towns and runs on Sundays to the beaches and other tourist attractions.